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明日 INDY & GyoZa 新曲発表〜!


【We did it!! 「できた!」】

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足技のやり方をラップ&歌いながら紹介するINDY & GyoZa の二曲目動画は、明日の夜8時発表〜〜〜!!今回も作ってて楽しかった!!




【We did it!! 「できた!」】

by INDY & GyoZa 

It’s been less than 2 months since we met, but we’ve just put the finishing touches on our new work. That’s just awesome!! We did it!!

The reason we made this song called “We did it!! is because we love hearing “I did it! / We did it!“ from kids when we teach them soccer tricks. Can’t get enough of it!!

INDY & GyoZa, who raps and sings about how you can go about doing a soccer trick, will be releasing a new tutorial song / vid tomorrow!! Yes!!

It was a real blast working on it!!

Hope you take the time to check it out!!

In our next song, we introduce how to do a foot stall first, and then show how to lift up your foot, bring the ball and catch it!! 

Out tomorrow!!

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